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Name:Three-phase energy (zero) transformer
On the production of energy-saving appliances Lang Hai-Lei --- transformer zero (phase) transformer, using high quality imported steel sheet and high-grade copper wire and insulation materials with low loss, low noise, conversion capacity of small and unique appearance design, is Smart Saver ideal matching the host, the file transfer voltage conversion by N lines, matching can be achieved with the Power Saver control, balanced three-phase power supply, improve energy-saving efficiency, widely used in electricity saving lamps, lighting saver, power mixing section electrical appliances, general-purpose Saver, Motor Power Saver and so on. Model sizes from 10A to 2500A, voltage can be designed according to customer special specification is available.
For places
Applied to lamps Saver, lighting saver, power mixed Saver, Universal Power Saver, Motor Power Saver and so on.

Capacity: 2.2KVA ~ 1650KVA
Insulation class: F class or H-level
Phase number: single or three phase
Product Standards
  GB 6450-1986       GB 19212.1-2003
  GB/T 10228-1997    GB 19212.14-2007
    Product standards, size, and other technical parameters if special requirements, please contact our company for further negotiation


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