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Name:Three-phase oil-type power regulator

Product details:

1, the output voltage precision
Control logic circuit board using precision components with precision, in poor conditions, can the most precise output voltage accuracy at 380V ± (1 ~ 3%), the can be set freely.
2, stepless voltage regulation (brushless)
Inductive, non-contact voltage at the load, linear step-up step-down adjustment.
3, features excellent
Cambodia by-day high magnetic silicon steel, the use of no-load losses, no load current is minimum. So that regulators maximize performance and reduce power consumption.
4, ultra-foot capacity, overload capability
The regulator can be 100% load, continuous use and allows instantaneous current by 2-3 times, without damage to the machine.
5, durable, long service life
The main internal voltage regulator for the induction brushless within IVR and components such as contactors, help never wear, rugged as the main feature.
6, easy maintenance and maintenance
Modular design, all components have been normalized. Just to keep the internal clean, without any special maintenance.
7, suitable for large capacity
Large induction 1600KVA do more than stand-alone models.

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