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Name:Imports of machinery for three-phase 220V transformer


SG series three-phase dry type isolation transformer factory in the light of international similar products, based on the situation of China to develop and produce a new generation of energy-saving power transformers from 300VA to 1600KVA, which meets IEC439, GB5226 and other international and national standards, winding bodiless entire column by winding method; transformer vacuum dipping, so that the transformer insulation level to F-or H-level, product performance to domestic and international advanced level. SG series three-phase dry type isolation transformer is widely used in AC 50Hz to 60Hz, voltage 660V below the circuit, widely used for import of key equipment, precision machine tools, machinery and electronic equipment, medical equipment, rectifier units, lighting and so on. Value of input and output voltage level, joint group and tap the number and location (typically ± 5%), winding capacity allocation, the secondary winding single-phase equipment, the use of rectifier circuit, is required with shell, etc., can be based on the user's demands meticulous design and manufacturing.

+ Features
In the isolation transformer to create a new middle - you can lift the power ground common mode interference and other problems the center line, isolation transformer will convert the three-wire four-wire connection △ Yo system, add shielding to further remove the coupling from the high-frequency pulse transformer internal interference and noise, although shielded isolation transformer to the interference of various NG (pulse and high frequency noise) can effectively prevent, but the transformer must be correctly and properly grounded, very strict, otherwise there will be no resistance to common mode interference effect. The company can provide customers high-quality design and production of the isolation transformer.
+ Feature advantages:
Ø a high degree of isolation
Ø N-G in good
Ø a high degree of common mode interference suppression
Ø will be converted to Y or △ △ Y to
Ø easy to convert the voltage tap
Ø special performance by the user to design

+ Technical indicators
1 Enter the rated voltage: 380V or 380V single-phase or single phase 220V
2 Operating frequency: 50Hz-60Hz
3 Efficiency: ≥ 95%
4 Temperature rise: "60
5 Waveform distortion: <0.1%
6 High Voltage Test: 2500V, 1 minute without breakdown
7 Insulation resistance: winding to ground insulation resistance ≥ 500M Euro
Primary insulation resistance of ≥ 500M European secondary
+ Use
1 for altitude: ≤ 5000m
2 Ambient temperature: -15 ℃ ~ +45 ℃
3 Relative humidity: ≤ 90%
4 installation site should not seriously affect the strength of transformer insulating gas, steam, chemical deposition, dirt, dust and no other conductive flammable explosive corrosive substances.
5 who do not meet the above conditions of use shall be determined in consultation with us.
+ Isolation transformer installed in the application of power supply
First, access to the power input isolation transformer (Delta / Star)
1, if the third harmonic and the interference signal power more serious, with △ / Yo isolation transformer, you can remove the third harmonic and reduce signal interference.
2, can be used △ / Yo isolation transformer to generate new neutral line, the equipment has nothing to do with the network neutral, to avoid the adverse cause the device to power neutral line is not running properly.
3, the nonlinear load current waveform distortion caused (such as third harmonic) can be isolated without contamination grid.
Second, access to the power output isolation transformer (star / triangle)
1, to prevent the non-linear load current distortion, affecting the normal operation of power supply network and anti-back, played the role of clean power.
2, the nonlinear load current distortion of the accuracy of sampling, you can Yo / △ isolation transformer input sampling, are able to reflect the actual situation of the control signal to control the normal power supply.
3, if the load imbalance, the use of Yo / △ does not affect the normal operation of power supply.

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