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Name:Three-phase transformer

Over the years our company using high quality materials and advanced technology between specializing in the production 150VA to 600KVA, SG series three-phase dry type transformers, the company is with reference to similar products in the latest Siemens CNC system research and development of transformers, particularly between 150VA-16KVA Three phase dry type transformers, their shape and mounting dimensions are standardized, and Siemens 4AP Series Universal, product character name VDE0550, IEC439, JB5555, GB226 and other international and national standards.
SG series three-phase dry type transformer is widely used in AC 50-60Hz, input and output voltage not exceeding 500V three-phase power supply a variety of occasions. Value of input and output voltage level, joint group and tap the number and location (typically ± 5%), winding capacity allocation, the secondary winding single-phase equipment, the use of rectifier circuit, is required with shell, etc., can be based on the user's demands meticulous design and manufacturing. ZSG series three-phase dry type rectifier transformer for rectification equipment.
Made after charging rectifier, voltage regulator and the DC power supply purposes. 

         SG series three-phase dry - type transformer is suitable for all kinds of three-phase power supplycircuits with AC50-60Hz,input and
output voltage up to 500V,Especially for transformer with 150VA-16KVA,their shape and installing dimension are standar dized and can be
used together withSiemens4AD series.SG series confirm to VDE0550,IEC439,JB555,GB226 and other international and national standard.
According to used demands,we can design and produce products with dirrferent input & output voltage,coupling group,quantity and position of
adjusting tab(usually ±5%),distribution of roll group,secondary single-pole roll group.

二、型号及其含义 The code No .and meanings

三、Outline and installation dimensions Shape and mounting dimension

SG, ZSG, SBK appearance and installation dimensions table below and Figure 1, Figure 2, Figure 3
Dimension and install ation of SG、ZSG、SBK series transformersee table(Pcture1、Picture2、Picture3)

1, the space did not note size to be determined by user requirements, size listed for reference; output current greater than 300A of the product for special customized products, product size would be changed.
2, listed in the table rated input and output voltage can be any combination as needed.
3, the voltage listed in the table and size, according to user requirements consultation.

   1.For the blanks without dmens on,they are waiting for users demands and the listed dimension are only for  referencel;for the special whose
      output current exceed 300A,the product's dimension will be changed corresponding to the current,
   2.The listed rated input & output voltage in the table can be assembled freely according to special demands.
   3.The voltage and dimension listed in the table can be ascertained according to theuser's demands.

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